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Journal of LSTR Therapy Editorial Board -

Chair;  HOSHINO Etsuro
           Prof. Em. Niigata Univ. / LSTR Specialist

Dr. Takushige Toyohiko,  Advanced LSTR dentist, LSTR Specialist
Dr. Ando Masahiro,  Registered LSTR dentist@
Dr. Maki kazuhiro,  Aproved LSTR dentist
Dr. Totaka Katuyuki, Aproved LSTR dentist
Dr. Kaide Yasunori, Aproved LSTR dentist
Dr. Toyosima Atuya, Registered LSTR dentist

The aim of the Journal of LSTR therapy is to develop knowledge and clinical techniques of LSTR therapy, and to inform LSTR therapy as the official journal of the Association of LSTR Therapy.

Original manuscripts written in English will be considered to accept and publish in the Journal of LSTR Therapy.  Original manuscripts include original papers, review articles, clinical case reports, and the others that the Editorial board will decide to publish.  

Send manuscript to info (at mark)  as an attached pdf file of e-mail.  Follow the style in the latest Journal.  If you have any inquiry, please contact the Editorial Chair, Hoshino by a e-mail to